How we do business

NIT’s 4-Win Formula is designed to benefit all parties involved

  • Win for clients (i.e. national oil companies or concession-holders) through the provision of leading products and services at reduced prices.
  • Win for oil services companies through the increased sale of their products and services due to additional cost savings.
  • Win for national partners through increased local employment and the transfer of technology, standards, and practices.
  • Win for NIT through being integrally involved in the development of the energy sector in the region.


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We focus on the promotion of local content by investing in the transfer of technology to oil & gas producing countries in partnership with leading technology providers. This core business centres around the provision of oil field services in the areas of automation, drilling services, engineering and construction management, inspection, manpower and facilities management, production chemicals, process services and rotating equipment. As well as increasing local employment and providing training, this integration of leading technology with local capability creates a considerable cost advantage beneficial to our partners and clients.

By integrating our local infrastructure and manpower capabilities with leading oil-service companies, we provide market-leading technologies that are locally manufactured or maintained in various fields.

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Local Infrastructure

Local Infrastructure Development & Support

Our local presence and know-how in the markets in which we are active allows us to offer a range of support functions to our partners, including:

  • Infrastructure development (e.g. bonded warehousing, workshop management, etc.).
  • Local investment and equity participation in joint-venture companies.
  • Locally sourced technical assistance to leverage our partners’ capabilities.
  • Focused training activities for longer-term national requirements.
  • Ancillary service provision, including vehicle leasing, housing, block visas, work permit provision, payroll management, company registration, office and IT infrastructure, local taxation advice, legal and logistic support.
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International Equipment and Service Provider to the Oil & Gas Industries.

This organisation has existed since 2002.

The company supplies oilfield services and equipment to many of major global drilling companies and operators.

As well as providing oilfield equipment for sale and lease, we provide our oilfield customers with a unique international consultancy service.

We are ready to provide you with the experience and expertise needed to solve your oilfield equipment issues, technical and service requirements.

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